Brent Mental Health User Group

Achieving Aims & Objectives


How BUG achieves its aims and objectives

BUG provides training and workshops to individuals using services to deal with mental health issues – or using services to deal with experiences or issues which have affected your mental health. The aim of these sessions is to enable you to get actively involved in dealing with your mental health issues and improving your well-being.

BUG runs regular Information and Participation Days in community venues which aim to enable individuals using services to get involved in a range of ways, including in surveys being carried out. As well as enabling people to meet others with similar experiences these events have different themes but they all aim to enable you to develop your self-management and improve your wellbeing, including by finding out about resources that might be helpful.

BUG also involves local people using services in surveys about a whole range of different aspects of service provision – including those provided by GPs, specialist mental health providers, Brent council and community groups. These surveys ensure that all service improvement is based on both the experiences of individuals using services as well as your ideas for improvement.

BUG uses all the knowledge it gathers from individuals when training staff working in services, for example, to facilitate their using a wellbeing and recovery approach when working with people using services from different communities to deal with mental health issues.

BUG staff are also involved in working with those that commission services locally as well as organisations that provide services, for example, to improve quality and ensure that they involve individuals using services at the centre – and those involved in your support networks – in dealing with your mental health issues and improving your well-being.

BUG provides consultancy and training to both statutory and voluntary sector groups to enable them to facilitate their using a well-being and recovery approach as well as getting involved in London wide and national work and projects with the same aim.

BUG also works locally with other organisations to improve the range of services available, including by providing information about resources.