Difficulties with drugs and alcohol

Statutory services for Alcohol & Drugs aiming to enable people in Brent to deal with using drugs and/or alcohol are provided by a number of organisations in partnership with Central and North West London (CNWL) Foundation Trust, depending on what people’s needs are.

Services are provided via the Junction Project, the Cobbold Road Treatment and Recovery site and a range of GP practices across the borough. Services are provided by nurses, doctors, drug and/or alcohol workers and psychologists.

Cobbold Road One Stop Shop (see Addaction Brent) provides services for people with less complex needs, including those in contact with the criminal justice system. Services for young people are also provided from this site, including help with benefits, housing and employment.

The core service is based at the Junction Project.

Services available in GP practices are generally for people who are being provided with support on an ongoing basis or detoxing from different medications.

EACH provides support when people have used other services such as those described above and are no longer using drugs and/or alcohol. This is provided via a day programme including individual counselling and other emotional support.