Brent Mental Health User Group

Who are we, and what do we do?

BUG’s Ethos


BUG’s ethos

BUG works with individuals from different communities in the borough as unique individuals in the context of their lives, taking into account your ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, faith and spirituality and if you have physical and/or learning disabilities.

BUG believes that anyone can experience mental health issues. We all have experiences in our lives that affect our wellbeing and we all need support from others at difficult times. This might be because of experiences in our past – including in our country of origin – such as any kind of abuse, violence or bullying – or of experiences like losing someone close to us, relationships breaking down, dealing with debt, having difficulties at work or losing our job, difficulties with where we are living, being subjected to domestic violence or sexual or racial harassment… to give just a few examples.

We also believe that anyone can take action to identify what wellbeing means to us personally as well as what is impacting on our wellbeing and take action to deal with what is causing our mental health issues – by developing our own knowledge, self-management and coping strategies – including by using a range of community and self-help resources.

BUG is aware that people can feel socially excluded and stigmatised by using services to deal with mental health issues and works to challenge this. BUG is also aware that this can particularly be the experience of different communities – such as black and minority ethnic communities – and incorporates this in all our work.