Ground rules in relation to communication via BUG’s website

Aim of these ground rules:

These ground rules are consistent with BUG’s general approach to working with individuals as well as other organisations.

They aim to create a safe and respectful space to enable people to express the views they have a right to.

How BUG will achieve this aim

In order to ensure that people feel comfortable to express their views without being challenged inappropriately, BUG reserves the right to not publish comments that:

  • make personal attacks of any nature – remember that others have a right to their opinion too and different points of view are healthy
  • are unlawful or that others may experience as harassing, defamatory, explicit, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, offensive, vindictive or may cause distress to others
  • advertise products or services which are charged for 
  • include material that whoever has posted the information does not own the rights to
  • include contact details of the person posting, or anyone else, in the body of the post (phone number, e-mail address etc)
  • Please remember that any posts and comments form a conversation between writer and readers.
  • BUG reserves the right not to publish comments based on considerations above.

What happens if any comment is not included

When you make any comment, you will be asked for your e-mail address. We will not publish it but would only use it to contact you about your comment if we needed to. All comments are moderated by BUG staff. As a result, comments will not be published immediately after submitting.

Brent Mental Health User Group – May 2013